About us

This is us!


My name is Teddy and this is my room.

My human Jessica and I decided that we wanted to make a difference in the world by recycling and re-furbishing previously owned furniture. 

We believe that it will help sustain the planet for a little while longer.

We aim to value and care for the things we love, by doing what we are passionate about in the most sustainable way possible. We apply eco-friendly products when availability allows.

We revamp quality second-hand furniture with a creative twist on selected items.

Jessica, being the creative, and having worked in a well-known established store for a few years, has found her passion for styling and creating beautiful images to showcase our findings.  

Through our sales, we aim to help some in need.

An un-compromised percentage of the proceeds per sale will be donated to:

Reach For A Dream

Change For The Better

We will be posting our donations on our social media pages for transparency as the payments are made. 

My brothers, Marmite and Toast, are new to the family and I am in the process of teaching them all the modelling tricks.

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